Cool Treats

Scoops, Sundaes and Shake...
why not try one of our cool treats in store, made with our traditional dairy ice cream.

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From favourites such as Chocolate or Toffee & Fudge to zingy Sicilian Lemon or our limited edition Salted Caramel, there’s a flavour for everyone. So, if you’re mad about Mint, hooked on Honeycomb or smitten with Strawberry, why not call in to your nearest Thorntons store for a free taste of our dairy ice cream.

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Our Ice Cream Flavours


Chocolate ice cream with chocolate ripple

View our range of chocolate treats

sicilian lemon

Updated to bring it even closer to our signature Continental Sicilian Mousse Chocolate. Smooth, creamy lemon dairy ice cream with swirls of thick, zesty lemon curd, studded with chocolate chips.

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toffee & fudge

Toffee flavour ice cream with toffee sauce and fudge pieces.

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Strawberry ice cream with a strawberry ripple.

Our range of Strawberry flavour treats

Honeycomb caramel cup

Honeycomb flavoured ice cream with honeycomb pieces and milk chocolate caramel filled cups.

Our range of Honeycomb Treats

Mint choc chip

Mint flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips.

Our range of Mint flavoured treats


Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Our range of Vanilla treats

Salted Caramel shortcake

Limited Edition FlavourThis limited edition ice cream, inspired by our Salted Caramel chocolates, is the seasonal addition to our diary ice cream range – enjoy in a cone or a tub. Simply delicious!

Our range of caramel treats

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limited edition flavour
salted caramel shortcake

Inspired by one of our best loved chocolate flavours, our Salted Caramel limited edition dairy ice cream is simply the perfect addition to our range of ice cream flavours.

Ice Cream sundaes

Our ice cream sundaes are a delicious combination of tempting chocolates, with our dairy ice cream and drizzled with sauce. Inspired by some of our favourite chocolate flavours!

Ice Cream shakes

A delightfully luxurious shake inspired by our new Salted Caramel Thorntons Pearls. Made to order, Thorntons Pearls are blended with creamy ice cream, finished with whipped cream, drizzled with sauce and topped with more chocolates!