Easter Eggs 2022

It wouldn’t be Easter without a Thorntons Easter egg. From grans to nephews, we’ve got chocolate Easter eggs for absolutely every bunny. Why not buy your personalised Easter eggs online? It’s the easiest way to tick off everyone on your Easter egg list. Don't forget, we've been carefully crafting chocolate Easter eggs since 1922.

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Happy Easter!
All About Thorntons Easter Eggs

With a long weekend, the return of warmer weather and a great reason to gather together with family and friends whilst enjoying some Easter egg treats, Easter is a favourite time of year for many.

Chocolate Easter eggs were first given as gifts in France and Germany in the early 19th Century and were made from solid (and rather bitter) chocolate. As people learnt more about chocolate making, hollow chocolate Easter eggs were developed. Not surprisingly, they were incredibly popular – and remain so today.

Of course, it’s a busy time of year at Thorntons. We’ve been creating and crafting chocolate eggs for over a century, perfecting our chocolate recipes and introducing plenty of new Easter eggs and Easter-inspired treats. Take a look at our collection of Easter eggs online today and have them delivered to everyone on your list.


It’s always lovely to receive an Easter egg as a gift. But it’s even nicer if they’ve put in that extra bit of effort and had it personalised just for you.

When you think of personalised Easter eggs, Thorntons is probably one of the first places that springs to mind. We’ve been icing our chocolate eggs by hand since 1922, and our personalised Easter eggs are especially popular.

Maybe you’re buying Easter eggs for children or grandchildren and want to make it extra special and make sure they know it’s just for them, with their names hand piped onto each egg. Or maybe you’re choosing an extravagant Easter egg for a partner or loved one and looking to make your gift one of a kind.

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It’s a favourite confectionery for children and adults who can’t get enough of its subtle vanilla flavour and sweet, creamy taste. But what exactly is in a white chocolate easter egg?

White chocolate, unlike milk and dark chocolate, may not contain cocoa solids, but it still owes its irresistible flavour and consistency to the wonderful cocoa bean and is made with cocoa butter, which gives white chocolate it’s delicious velvety texture.

If you know someone who loves white chocolate, make their Easter even more delicious with a white chocolate Easter egg delivered to their door.

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What is in a dark chocolate Easter Egg? Dark chocolate has been enjoyed for over 4,000 years. Ancient civilisations in the Central and South Americans began using the seeds of the cacao tree to make a rather bitter-tasting drink. By the late 1500s, chocolate had made its way to Europe via Spain. It quickly gained popularity and was sweetened with the addition of cane sugar, cinnamon and other spices. But people still had a long wait to enjoy the solid dark chocolate we know and love today: that wasn’t developed until the 1850s.

Today, dark chocolate is made with cocoa solids and cocoa butter, but often without added milk though it may be produced in a factory where milk is handled. So, while milk chocolate is sweeter and creamier, dark chocolate has a more intense taste. The dark chocolate used to make our Easter eggs is expertly blended for a smooth texture and rich, aromatic flavour, making it the perfect gift for the cocoa connoisseur in your life.

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Make a statement with one of our large Easter eggs. Whether it’s a suitably impressive gift for someone extra special or a giant Easter egg to break apart and share, we’ve got you covered.

Our Marvellously Magnificent Milk Chocolate egg is crafted from deliciously smooth milk chocolate. With the fabulous detailing you’ve come to expect and love from Thorntons, this 650g Easter egg is just waiting to be hand iced with that special name or a little Easter message – it can be iced with up to 30 characters – now that’s a giant Easter egg, perfect for sharing!

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Do you know someone who deserves a taste of luxury this Easter? These aren’t your average Easter eggs – think deliciously smooth milk chocolate beautifully decorated. Some of our luxury Easter Eggs come with a delicious chocolate assortment too. Just the thing for someone really special.

There’s our Continental chocolate egg, decorated with swirling loops of white and dark chocolate and paired with a selection of eight chocolates from our much-loved Continental range. And the large Classic egg, which combines a delicious milk chocolate egg, with dark and white chocolate decoration, with favourite chocolate flavours including Triple Chocolate and Crunchy Praline.

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From the school holiday to family trips out, Easter egg hunts in the garden to fun days with family and friends, there’s lots to love about Easter. Our wonderful children’s Easter eggs will make the occasion even more exciting with something to brighten up this Easter!

With them in mind, we’ve designed three very special children’s Easter eggs, each with a coloured decoration. There’s the white chocolate Easter bunny egg, milk chocolate dinosaur egg and milk chocolate unicorn egg. Then there are chocolate Easter bunny models in two different sizes: it makes the perfect chocolate treat for everyone..

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While most of us know Easter as a Christian celebration, many traditions date back to Pagan times. The word Easter itself comes from ‘Eostre’, the goddess of rebirth and spring. Whether you’re religious or not, spring is when we see the natural world burst back into life after the lull of winter. We think that’s a good enough reason to celebrate!

So why do we give Easter eggs as gifts? Hundreds of years ago, Christians would save eggs throughout Lent – traditionally a period of fasting and reflection – to enjoy them once more on Easter Sunday. Any eggs laid that week would be beautifully decorated and given to children as gifts. The genius idea to give chocolate Easter eggs came later, in the early 19th Century. Easter eggs were originally solid, until Easter egg moulds were invented to create the hollow chocolate shells we know and love today.

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Chocolate is a serious business at Thorntons. So, if you’re looking to buy Easter eggs in bulk for a wholesale or corporate gift order, we’d be delighted to help. Maybe you’re overseeing a hospitality event, product launch or marketing campaign. Or maybe you simply want to show your appreciation to colleagues, clients and suppliers… and treat everyone to a luxurious chocolate gift you know they’ll enjoy.

As well as Easter eggs, you’ll find everything from small bags of chocolate to luxurious hampers, all with discounts for orders of bulk or wholesale chocolate gifts. Need a hand choosing the perfect gifts or arranging deliveries to multiple addresses? Just get in touch.

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