The new Thorntons biscuits range offers everyone something special everyday. Encapsulating the essence of the Thorntons brand the range delivers the unique Thorntons taste through a range of special treats.



Chocolate Melts

Thorntons Chocolate Melts are a rich and indulgent double chocolate centre that delivers the essence of Thorntons. With more chocolate fill than other products it is truly an indulgent eat.

Available from: Asda.

Fudge Brownies

Mint Chocolate Melts

Thorntons Mint Chocolate Melts are filled with a creamy mint chocolate centre sandwiched between two crispy biscuit layers.

Available from: Asda.

Celebration Cake

Chocolate Caramel Wafer Rolls

Thorntons Chocolate & Caramel filled wafer rolls, are filled with a rich caramel cream, and smothered in premium milk chocolate. They are a perfect treat for Thorntons Chocolate lovers.

Available from: Asda.

Chocolate Cakes

Double Chocolate wafer rolls

Thorntons Double Chocolate wafer rolls, perfectly encapsulate the indulgence which has become synonymous with the Thorntons brand and are a perfect treat discerning chocolate lovers.

Available from: Asda.

Delight Cake

Caramel Squares

Thorntons Caramel & Chocolate Squares have a crunchy base, filled with rich caramel & smooth Chocolatey topping. Perfectly capturing the flavours Thorntons consumers know & love.

Available from: Asda.