How did Halloween Start?
And how is it celebrated?

When is Halloween and how did it start?

If you’re wondering when it’s Halloween, it’s 31st October - said by the ancient Celts to be the night when the worlds of the living and dead would collide.

To ward off the spirits, they’d hold a fiendishly fun party dressed in animal skin costumes and lit by lanterns. If this feels frighteningly familiar, we’ve carried on many of these traditions today.

image showing carved pumpkin

How is Halloween Celebrated?

Halloween is celebrated differently all around the world. From Mexico’s sugar skull studded Day of the Dead, to Scotland’s blazing bonfires and creepy pumpkin carving in the USA.

Our favourite part (of course) is trick or treating. With our fiendish flavours and chillingly good chocolates, Thorntons is the perfect place to find all your ghoulish Halloween gifts.

image of a cat sat on a broomstick watching the moon

How did Trick or Treating Start?

Trick or treating dates right back to the 9th Century, when the Celts would hold lavish banquets dressed in ghostly garms. Going from door to door is a tradition we borrowed from the pagans, who asked for food in return for prayers.

Today, mischievous little ones don their frightening finery in the hope of chocolate gifts; the perfect time for sweets and treats from Thorntons.

image showing a cauldron full of sweets

What are the Best Chocolate Gifts for Trick or Treaters?

This Halloween, head to Thorntons where you’ll find monstrously moorish treats for every chocolate fiend. Tempt trick or treaters with our frighteningly good fudge bags, scary skeleton lollies and chocolate smiles that’ll give them the chills.

For grown up ghouls, Our Thorntons Pearls are a devilishly delicious way to join in all the fun.

image of the Thorntons skeleton Lolly


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