History & gift ideas

When is Father’s day?

If you’re wondering when is Father’s Day in the UK, it’s Sunday 19th June 2022. The date changes every year because it’s always on the third Sunday in June. Upcoming years are:

  • 2022 - Sunday 19th June
  • 2023 - Sunday 18th June
  • 2024 - Sunday 16th June

History of Father’s Day?

In Europe, Father’s Day goes back to the middle ages, when it was connected to St Joseph and was celebrated on his feast day in March.

It wasn’t until the twentieth century that Father’s Day became a secular celebration and was moved to June – this started in the USA and soon became popular in the UK.

Why do we give gifts on Father’s Day?

Dads are great, and giving Father’s Day gifts on his special day is a way to show our love and appreciation. Father’s Day means different things to different families. It might mean a card, a day out or something delicious that’s a real treat.

Father’s Day is also a time to celebrate fantastic step-fathers, fathers-in-law and grandads – and don’t forget gifts for fathers to be!

Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Something personal and carefully chosen always hits the mark, so we have lots of personalised Father’s Day presents.

Personalised chocolate gifts with his name or a special message are a popular choice. Or what about a Whiskey Hamper that includes his favourite tipple and some chocolate and toffee treats. here are also Father’s Day gift ideas for pocket money prices – from bags of velvety truffles to smooth and creamy chocolate blocks.