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when is easter?
and why do we have
easter eggs?

How did Easter begin?

Easter is one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar, celebrating the victory of life over death. According to the Bible, Christ died on the cross on Good Friday and his resurrection three days later was said to prove he was the true son of God.

While Jesus was believed to have lived between 4 B.C and 36 A.D., many of our Easter traditions date back to Pagan times, with the word Easter coming from ‘Eostre’ - the Goddess of rebirth and Spring.

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When is Easter this year?

In 2020, Easter falls on Sunday, April 12th, however it pops up on a different date each year. Depending on when there’s a full moon in Spring, we can welcome Easter anytime between 21st March to the 25th April.

You can see how much it varies by looking over the last few years:

  • 2019 – April 21st
  • 2018 - April 1st
  • 2017 - April 18th
  • 2016 - March 27th
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Easter traditions and the history of Easter Eggs

Hundreds of years ago, eggs were saved throughout Lent and eaten once again on Easter Sunday. Any eggs laid that week would be beautifully decorated and given to children as gifts. The Easter bunny hopped along a little later in the 1700s, with a tale from German folklore that said he laid colourful eggs in nests made especially by children.

You’ll recognise this as the Easter egg hunts we still enjoy today! As for our chocolate Easter eggs, they appeared in the early 19th Century and were originally solid before Easter egg moulds evolved to create the shells we know and love today.

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History of Thorntons traditions

It wouldn’t be Easter without Thorntons and there’s nothing we love more than sharing our chocolate making expertise. Ever since 1922, we’ve been carefully crafting our delicious Easter eggs and adding hand-iced personal messages for over a hundred years! Over time, we’ve perfected our recipes and introduced everything from colourful chocolate models to dazzling handcrafted eggs. Make this Easter your most memorable yet and give a gift from Thorntons.

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