Christmas Chocolate Traditions

The History Behind Chocolate and Christmas

image showing gift wrapped boxes of chocolate

Why do We give Gifts at Christmas?

One of the main reasons we give presents is to remind us of the Wise Men’s three gifts for Jesus. However long before this, winter solstice festivals included giving gifts to others as a way to bring cheer during darker days.

We’ve carried on these traditions today, showering our loved ones with gifts during this special season.

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image showing box of Continental Collection and the Christmas Indulgence box from Thorntons

What is the History Behind Chocolate and Christmas?

It all began with the chocolate log. Back in the Middle Ages, roaring log fires would warm houses during the chilly winter months. Later on, these logs became decorative and eventually took on the chocolately taste of today.

Of course Thorntons has also been part of the tradition for over a century, helping you to share the magic of Christmas with every delicious gift.

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image showing a bundle of chocolate coins

Why do we give Chocolate Coins at Christmas? (& Hanukkah?)

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some chocolate coins glittering at the bottom of your stocking. Once again we have the Wise Men to thank, as their gift of gold is said to have inspired this tradition.

Hannukah gelt is also given to children at this time of year, with the tasty chocolate version replacing real money back in the 1920s.

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image showing the Cheeky Reindeer and Cheeky Elf chocolate models from thorntons

What are the Best Chocolate Gifts for Christmas 2019?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Thorntons.

For magical stocking fillers, cheeky chocolate figures, delicious Secret Santa presents and luxurious chocolate boxes you can count on us to make every chocolate lover’s Christmas wishes come true.

For an extra special sparkle why not personalise your gifts? It’s absolutely free.

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