• Our Craft

    It all started back in 1911 when travelling confectioner, Joseph William Thornton, opened up a sweet shop in Sheffield. To read his story click here now.

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  • Valentine's Day

    Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What type of gifts do you like to buy for your partner? Thorntons how we celebrate the day of love.

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  • Chocolate Block Collection

    Shop our fantastic chocolate block collection. Flavours including orange, fudge brownie, Pistachio and Eaton Mess.

    Read More Thorntons Chocolate Blocks | Bars Including Dark, White & Mint Flavours
  • When is Mother's Day?

    We’ve tried to pull together answers to all of the big questions people have around Mother’s Day. When is Mother’s Day? Where did Mother’s Day originate? Why do we give chocolates on Mother’s Day?

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  • History of Valentines Day Content Page

    If you’re wondering when it’s Valentines Day, it’s 14th February, read on for more interesting facts

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  • History of Easter

    We’ve tried to pull together answers to all of the big questions people have at Easter. How did Easter begin? When is Easter this year? And why do we have Easter eggs?

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  • Christmas Chocolate Traditions

    Ever wondered why we give gifts at Christmas, the history behind chocolate and Christmas or why we give chocolate coins at Christmas? We try to answer all of these questions!

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  • Chocolate Letters & Messages

    Spell out a name, say happy birthday or create personalised message with Thorntons chocolate letters and get free delivery when you spend over £35

    Read More Chocolate Letters UK | Personalised Alphabet, Initial Letters, Spell Your Name
  • When is Father’s day?

    When is Father’s Day in the UK and why do we give gifts on Father’s Day? Find out upcoming Father’s Day dates and delicious chocolate gift ideas from Thorntons.

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  • When is Halloween?

    If you’re wondering when it’s Halloween, it’s 31st October - said by the ancient Celts to be the night when the worlds of the living and dead would collide.

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  • Teacher Chocolate Gifts

    Send teacher chocolate and show your appreciation, say thank you and celebrate the end of a school year with Thorntons personalised chocolate for teachers

    Read More Teacher Chocolate Gifts | Personalised Thank You & End Of Year Appreciation Gifts
  • Personalised Chocolate Gifts

    We have a fantastic range of personalised gifting options at Thorntons both in store and online. Whether you want a personalised box, in store and online icing by our experts or beautiful gift wrapping, we've got you covered.

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