Chocolate Advent Calendars 2022

A chocolate advent calendar can make every day magical in the build up to Christmas 2022. Choose from the delicious chocolate Santa advent to unique personalised chocolate advent calendars that make every day special.

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What is Advent?
And Why Do We Give Chocolate Advent Calendars?

What is advent and when does it start?

There is nothing quite like the delicious anticipation of Christmas, as Advent brings with it the exciting build up to the big day.

The word advent means ‘coming’ and officially starts four Sundays before the 25th with the lighting of candles, hanging of wreaths and singing of carols in preparation for all the festivities.

What are Advent Calendars?

Originating in Germany back in the early nineteenth century, Advent calendars started life as chalk marks drawn on doors counting down to Christmas Day. Over time those doors have changed enormously; from handmade wooden and picture printed versions to the chocolate filled favourites we know and love today.

When did Chocolate Advent Calendars become popular?

The first chocolate Advent calendar popped up in 1958, but it wasn’t until the 1990’s that they really became part of the festive furniture. Here at Thorntons, our expert chocolatiers have been creating the very best Advent calendars for you to make the countdown to Christmas that little bit sweeter

Thorntons Advent Calendars

Make every day as special as the big day with a chocolate Advent calendar from Thorntons. There’s something for every Christmas countdown; whether it’s a favourite festive character for the kids, a personalised calendar for someone extra special or a luxury Advent calendar for your fanciest family member.