See Classics Milk Gift Wrapped (562g) larger
  • Classics Milk Gift Wrapped (562g)
  • Classics Milk Gift Wrapped (562g)
  • Classics Milk Gift Wrapped (562g)
  • Classics Milk Gift Wrapped (562g)
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Classics Milk Gift Wrapped (562g)

Product Code : 61895

Price: 15.50

(2.63per 100g)


Our Classics Collection is brimming with melt-in-the-mouth fudge, crunchy fruit and nut, gooey caramel and our creamy truffles, all wrapped in a loving layer of creamy milk chocolate. It's the perfect gift for a family or a close friend during the holidays, and we'll make your present even more special with a stunning finishing touch: gorgeous wrapping paper to seal the deal.

Write a message for us to pop in the package and we'll have it delivered straight to their front door; then, if they can bear to wait, they'll have to pop it under the tree and wait 'til the big day!

Allergy, Intolerance & Recipe Info

  •  Suitable for vegetarians 
  •  No gluten-containing ingredients 
  •  Alcohol-free recipe 
  •  Contains added nuts 
  •  Contains added milk 
  •  Contains added egg 
  •  Contains added soya 
  •  Free from artificial colour 
  •  Free from artificial flavouring 

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