Top Hampers for Him

With any gift, it can be difficult getting something that suits someone’s personality and tastes, and if you’ve ever struggled with present ideas for a dad, brother, partner or husband, you’ll know that the men in the family can prove particularly tricky customers to please. The modern world of online shopping affords us a lot more options when it comes to finding the right gift for his birthday, an anniversary or a simple surprise treat. But before you pick out a useless gadget, variations on a pint glass or the old favourite, aftershave, take a look at our tasty bundles, whisky hampers and toffee goodies and get him something thoughtful that he’ll really relish this year.


Whisky Hamper

An old favourite amongst whisky drinkers, Johnnie Walker Black Label is a blended Scotch that will please dads and granddads everywhere so we’ve put a bottle in with some of our sweetest treats to create this whisky-enhanced hamper. Anyone who likes a stronger tipple will enjoy our Whisky Truffles, which combine an intensely dark chocolate shell with a smooth truffle centre, and that distinctive flavour of Scotland. We’ve also included a box of our original and ever-popular Special Toffee from the historic 1920’s recipe by Stanley Thornton; definitely one for fans of traditional sweets.


Red Wine Hamper

Present him with some sophisticated Chocolate Diplomat chocolates and a bottle of first-class Berri Estates Merlot and you might just have made his day. This fruity and subtle drink works well with our flavoursome Continental pralines, featuring crispy chopped almond and hazelnut and a nutty centre. A perfect pairing that makes an elegant gift when you want to say thank you in style.


Loads of Chocolate Hamper

Pile on the treats for his birthday with this variety pack featuring a little of everything. Whether he likes an Orange Charm, a Mint Baton, or a cube of Fabulous Fudge with his cuppa, they’re all in here, as well as some generous selections of our Swiss, Spanish and French-inspired Continental range and our milk chocolate Thorntons Classics. There’s also a few goodies for toffee fiends, with chocolate covered Toffi Chocs, and a collection of Toffee, Fudge and Caramels to chew on. The main problem will be knowing where to start!


Boy's Chocolate Treat Collection

Have a son or nephew that’s been through a tough time or not been very well? This value bundle of treats can’t fail to cheer him up, especially with one of our Chocolate Smiles lollipops in the pack, alongside our cheeky chocolate ‘Monkey Business’ Model, a football lolly and a racing car chocolate bar. He’ll also get a few extras like fudge cubes and our special chocolate buttons, while you can put your thoughts into words on one of our Chocolate Speech Bubble Plaques – we’ll hand-finish your message in icing, whether you’re saying ‘Get Well Soon’ or just thanking him for doing a sterling job with the chores!


Nuts & Chocolate Hamper

If your dad is always caught with the last chocolate Brazil in the Classics box, get him his own personal supply of milk chocolate Brazils for his birthday, as well as a bumper selection of nut-themed treats in this super-crunchy gift hamper. Two bars of tasty Salted Pistachio Milk Chocolate Blocks will sort out those salty-sweet cravings, while we’ve also thrown in some Brazil and Fruit & Nut toffee bags and two melt-in-the-mouth Continental Alpini truffle bars as well, so there’s plenty for him to get stuck into. A great gift for nut fiends everywhere!


Personalise a hamper for him

Sometimes even the biggest box of chocolates you can find doesn’t convey exactly what you want to say, but that’s where our personalised hampers come in handy. Tailor to any occasion you like, whether he’s just passed his driving test, celebrated a landmark birthday or simply worked really hard and deserves a pick-me-up. Choose from selections including Dark Gingers, Classics Coffee Bags and Thorntons Moments and ask our personalisation icers to create a unique message on a Chocolate Speech Bubble Plaque. Or you could just keep it simple and let us know his name and we’ll pipe it onto some of our Alphabet Truffles to give him a surprise when he opens up the hamper box!


Chocolate gifts for him

Even if your man has very discerning tastes, we have lots of other individual chocolate gifts to choose from. Dark chocolate connoisseurs will love our Indulgence Decadently Dark collection with its intense truffles and unusual flavours like caramel with sea salt, while those with a passion for mint chocolate will enjoy a whole box of our Mint Favourites or Mint Batons. Once you’ve discovered what his favourite chocolate collection is, you can always personalise your gift by uploading a family photo via our lid designer tool and we’ll get his favourite picture of you printed straight onto the box – perfect for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries!